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You have dreams; EvoSource has strategies. You set goals; we’ll help you achieve them -on schedule. You need to keep up; we’ll show you how to get ahead. As a small business owner, you’re probably used to doing it all. EvoSource has designed our fully integrated services to help you, the small business owner, maximize every single resource at your disposal, whether it’s your human staff or your computer network.
You shouldn’t have to do it all, but if that’s your choice, the trained professionals at EvoSource are here, with tools and consulting programs that can lighten your load.

Educational Consulting

EvoSource, through our partner Hensworth, is a leading developer of educational software, technology applications, and printed materials for parents and educators. Educating children is our business. If your company is looking for new strategies in this area, please ask us what we can do for you. Human Resources Consulting If you want your business to grow, you need talented people. How do you find them? How do you keep them?
EvoSource’s human resources consulting services focus on talent acquisition and management, remuneration packages, and employee rewards and incentive programs. Business Coaching Sometimes it may seem as though all you think about is your business. But are you concentrating on the right elements?


Much like a sports coach, a business coach helps you keep your focus on the game, while providing support, encouragement, accountability, and occasionally, a swift dose of reality to keep you on track.

Team Building

Learning how to effectively communicate, and then truly understand how each member “ticks” is what team building is all about. Transform your team into a cohesive force using our fun and thoughtful team building exercises. You will be surprised at what you learn about your staff, your company, and yourself.


Marketing and Communications Outreach From tried and true marketing strategies like print advertising and mass mailings, to cutting-edge outreach through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, EvoSource stands ready to showcase your business on all marketing fronts. Of course, all marketing efforts require constant review and assessment; we work with you directly to ensure your goals and needs are being met, and that your marketing plan is on track.
Creative Design Websites, brochures, marketing collateral, advertising, logos -these are the critical elements that will introduce your business to the world.
To ensure that your name and brand are continually and effectively brought to the forefront of your market’s decision makers, trust the creative team at EvoSource to help you make the best decisions regarding your advertising and information options.

Technology Development

Need a multi-functional website? Want to build a killer online presence through social media? Have a database that’s in dire need of expansion, updating, and better management? EvoSource is aligned strategically with technology partners who help us keep up with advancements in the field – so we can keep you on top of your technology game.