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The exponential rise in the number of social networking websites as well as the performance of most of these cannot be disputed. Today, over 80% of online users are active on social networking platforms. Following facts will help throw light on how social networking has caught the vivid imagination of Netizens:

  • Metaphorically speaking, the 750 million members of Facebook can easily convert into the World’s third largest country.
  • Twitter adds more than 500,000 users in a day.
  • YouTube generates more than 90 billion page views per month.
  • Photo sharing website Flickr has over 5 billion images on its servers.

These were just a few examples. There is no dearth of social networking platforms today.
For any business, members on social networking sites are a goldmine, waiting to be engaged. You can forge strategic alliances, attract the right talent for your organization, drive a large amount of traffic to your website, generate interest around your products/services, periodically engage customers (existing and potential) to create brand evangelists out of them and do a lot more. Conceptualizing a smart marketing strategy around various social networking websites can help transform your company’s fortunes in real quick time.
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